Freitag, 4. September 2015

Hi Leute :)

Könnt ihr für mich an dieser Umfrage über Mehrgenerationenhäuser teilnehmen? Ihr würdet mir echt helfen :-) 
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Danke, eure Laurena 

Dienstag, 9. September 2014

The Life back in Germany

Hello everybody!

First of all, I am deeply sorry for not writing a proper ending for my blog. I don't really know why I haven't finished my blog yet, but I am going to do this now.

Already 7 months has passed since I left beautiful England. And wow, it seems like yesterday! It's just unbelivable how fast the time passes by.
Me and my host parents are still in contact and I know that some day, I am going to see those lovely people again. Luiza and I are as well still in contact. It's amazing to think about the distance that separates us. I just miss them so much. It's strange, but I think I've learned to deal with the struggle to miss all my friends and my host parents. I don't know how to explain my feelings to you guys, however I want to try. It's like you are desperate to be with all your maties and people you learned to love loads, but as you know that's not possible that easy, your feelings turn into a much more comfortable way. The insecureness of a reunion is what kills me and probably all Exchange students who are back home. You have to try to balance your life between your native Country and your, well, foreign home. I am only 17 years old, and I still have so much time to visit all my friends around the world. Keep that in mind, and as long as you are in contact with them there is no need to feel like you'll never meet them again. Never lose the ambition of travel to all the places they live in, and I am quite sure that's right, you're going to meet at least some of your foreign friends.
I am missing England to be honest quite a lot. Even I spent some days in London with my family in August. Unfortunately, my host parents were in Ireland, so I couldn't see them. However, sometimes it's just breathtaking how memories can mix up all your feelings. But isn't that just a sign of how great my time was in England? I am more than pleased that I've made my dream come true to go abroad. Also, I can recommand to do such an adventure to everyone. It's the best way of learning and developing. When I am older and maybe have children by my self, I am going to offer them to be part of exactly what I've done. Because this experience is so precious, you actually can't get with money ...

I think some of you have some questions about how I got on with life after I came back from England. Well, the first 2 weeks back  home were quite nice as I've met all my friends and Family members. Anyway, I was still in England mentally. I realised that my time abroad is over just after about 2 weeks and I started to compare everything in Germany with everything in England. My conclusion was that everything in England is better, so I felt in a kind of sadness. I was annoyed by my german school and german food and the german language and my german daily life. Even my friends annoyed me in some way. I cried a lot in this time. Also because I had some problems with a very good friend and I wasn't up to clear the problem up, so I actually lost her as a friend what is really upsetting. So, most of the time I spent at home in my room thinking about how to go back to England. But after perhaps 1 month, I stopped having this bad opinion about my "german" life, because it's bloody shit. My life in England wasn't better in any way! It was just a horse of a different colour. And that doesn't mean it's better. My english daily life was new and quite a diversion from my actual life. So it felt like a much more adventurous, spectacular, diversified life and it just took some time to get back to Germany mentally. I am really happy with my german school and german food and the german language and my german life again and especially with my friends! I am glad that I went through this time to be honest, because I learned to appreciate my life in every single way. I try to enjoy every moment in life now and I am excited about the amazing memories that I am sure of I will make sooner or later.
I don't want to frighten you about the life after your exchange. I hope my experiences will  help some of you.

Perhaps, this is not the last post I will ever make. The adventure isn't over, because the actual adventure is called life and there are so much more dreams I want to fulfil and maybe I want to share them with public, with you. For example last week my friend Corinna who I met in England stayed 3 days with me. It's like I said, if you stay in touch with the people you love, there is no need to worry about a reunion. A reunion will happen sooner or later.

I really hope that my blog is helpfull for some people who would love to go abroad or maybe for those who are back in their native countries. If there are any questions you need answers to, don't hesitate to ask me. I'll try to help.

07.12.2013 Oxford Street

Love, Laurena

Freitag, 31. Januar 2014

Not ready to leave.

Hey guys :-)

I am leaving in 2 days ... I don't wanna go. That's so sad. Today I had to say goodbye already to some of my friends. Such a tragady.
I just can't believe I will be in Germany in 2 days. It seems like yesterday I had my very first day in England .. I was exhausted from all the English, now I can't imagine to speak German :D German school, german people, german food ... ok to be honest, I missed my Mum's cooking a bit!
Anyway, I would love to stay longer. England impressed me so much and honestly, I can't repeat enough how much I've learned!

My luggage is just a mess. I really can't deal with it :D My packing skills are traumatic and depressing. I don't have a clue how I get all my stuff home, especially my Arts works. Probably I will throw them away as they are not that beautiful :D

Tonight me and some friends are going to Bournemouth or somewhere. Just to be together and spend our last hours as a group. I am insecure what we are going to do, but I'll be nice :D And tomorrow, we are all going to Papa Johnes' (?) I have no idea what it is like, I just know it is a Pizzeria. Well, I like Pizza :D So, it will be alright :-)

See ya xx

Montag, 20. Januar 2014

In love with England

Did you ever believe in the future? I thought to plan the later life would be impossible even I had already so many ideas and plans. You never know what will come next or what's going to happen ... But I changed my mind ... of course you can guide yourself in the direction you always wanted to land. I suppose, to manage the balance between what we would like to own and what's possible  is the difficulty. As long as you go ahead, straight to your dreams, trying to make them come true, you'll be fine. No worries, just do. The future is coming anyway ...

Fact is, England is marvellous. I am totally fallen, 100 %! 
It's not only the stunning landscape and the amazing sceneries. It is just the atmosphere that is controlling me like a puppet. Today I said to my host parents: "I really think about living here when I am a grown-up." I love my home in Germany for sure, but I think the world is too big for living just in one out of so many countries. I feel like I haven't seen the world yet even I have already been in some places. 
The point is, visiting another countries is not just looking around and try different food. There is so much more in the background. The attitude of the people, the feeling you get when you walk down the buzzy high street, the sound of the sea's waves. Pleasure should come along with you.

Today me and my host parents drove to the sea that is just 5 minutes away by car from our house. The final place we went to called Mudeford. We had to take a little ferry to go there. Sadly we only could have 
stayed about 20 minutes, because we had to take the ferry back as there haven't been a later one. Anyway, it was so nice. The beach down here is gorgeous and the beach huts are lovely. Such a dream to own one of those little houses. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing. The combination of sun and cold is amazing. I was enjoying every single second we spend at the beach, I just love the beach so much. :-) 

Exactly 14 days separate me from my journey home. I can't believe how fast 4 month can walk by. When I look back, I see myself searching desperately the perfect agency that offers exchanges to England. I thought the time will never pass through, so that my adventure can finally begin ... and now it is nearly over. I remember how I hesitated to make THE decision to go to England. Sitting in my room, not sure about how long I would like to stay. Not sure about my plans. Well, I suppose that is part of being an exchange student ... However, I made definitely the right decision. 
The experiences I made here are unforgettable. These perceptions will be part of me from now till forever. I learned so much. Not only my English skill are much better now, I learned about life and about myself. I learned how to make proper English tea ... 
One very important thing I have learned here in England, is that you can find friends everywhere. It doesn't matter where are you from or which language you are speaking. Friendship is more than just hanging around together. Friendship means sharing moments and enjoy each other's company. Friendship means using the chances to be with each other. Friendship means to make the best of everything. Friendship means being not alone and joy. Friendship means safety. Friendship means to learn from each other and teach each other. Friendship means having good times. Friendship means to open your heart for others. Friendship is forever. 
Happiness is measured in the people around you.

Perhaps this is a bit deep or anything. But I just felt like I need to write this. Please, do not judge me ... I am hopeless. kkkk

Good night.
Yours, Laurena

Beach Huts in Mudeford

Natalia, Corinna, Maria, me and Maria in Subway (18th of January)
Natalia and the first Maria are from Chile, and the other Maria from Greece. They are very nice! I just met them this week :-) 

Sonntag, 12. Januar 2014

Video about my College

Hello again,
for people that are interested in the college I go to ...

A friend of mine (Benny) made a video for his class in hungary to show them our college. In my opinion it is really well made and I would like to show you. He upload on Youtube. So, here it is:

Hope you guys like it (don't forget to press the thumbs up - button) :D

Christmas holidays, English weather and Sunset

       Happy New Year <3

Hehe, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas time and an amazing new years eve :-) 
I've been in the holiday time back in Germany to spend some time with my family and friends. It was nice, I really enjoyed seeing them, although I would have rather spend the time here in England ... Never mind :D 

When I was leaving Germany, I entered the plane in sunshine and adorable weather, but in England ... pah rain and rain. My host parents told me it was rainy the whole time. The rain caused a huge amount of floods and many trains have been cancled. And suddenly: Sun and no clouds, weather made for dreams. It is so strange, because it changes nearly daily. 
Yeah, so today: I went to Bournemouth by train. It was sunny and not that cold, so I just wanted to go to the beach and watch the sunset following by a nice film in the cinema :-) 
It was adorable! The scenery was just so beautiful. I spend almost the whole afternoon down at the beach walking next to the sea. After, I went to the cinema to watch FROZEN. Oh my gosh, this film is so cute! 

"Don't let them in, don't let them see. Be the good girl you always have to be. Conceal don't feel, don't let them know. Well, now they know. Let it go! Let it go! Can't hold it back anymore."

Maybe it's me, but I think this film is padagogical very worthwhile! ... Yes, probably it is me :D I just love Disney. 

Good night lads :-)
Love, Laurena

Sonntag, 22. Dezember 2013

The Last Weeks ... again

Hi, everybody :)

The time is running so fast, I can't believe. 3/4 of my time in england is already over - and the time of a lots of my friends (including my host sister) are over at all. Anway, we had an amazing time together I will never forget! 
Sorry again I didn't write for a life time ... but I'll do it now: 
I summarise my days as in the last post and after I will write some things about a few dates :) 

4th Dec: normal school day
5th Dec: Frankenstein a National Theatre Live production showed in the cinema in Christchurch, with Luiza, my host mum and friends of my host mum
6th Dec: Film "the bucket list" in my house with Bella, Luiza, Maria and Michaela (they slept in our house but Maria)
7th Dec: London with Bella, Lotta, Luiza and Michaela
8th Dec: London with Bella, Lotta, Luiza, Michaela and Maria
9th Dec: normal school day
10th Dec: normal school day
11th Dec: RENT musical in college with Bella, Corinna and Luiza
12th Dec: christmas dinner in Paul's house with Luiza, my host parents, Paul and his wife
13th Dec: Goodbye - party in Christchurch with Andy, Bella, Benny, Cathy, Corinna, Luiza, Magaretha, Maria, Pedro, Regina and Sebastian; after Bella, Luiza and me slept in Maria's house
14th Dec: at Maria's house and in Bournemouth with Bella, Luiza, Maria and Lotta
15th Dec: Brighton
16th Dec: normal school day
17th + 18 Dec: Kate, Ben and Tom came to visit my host parents
19th Dec: Robinson Crusoe Pantomime in Southampton with Luizas Performance Studies Class and in the evening a christmas dinner with my host family 
20th Dec: Flying home for christmas

Luiza, my host mum, her friends and me, we went to Christchuch watching a recorded version of the National Theatre's Frankenstein. It seems to be live because you can see and hear the audience in the background of the production. I was amazed, because it was really really good. The man who was playing Frankenstein did his character perfect! I just can recommend to watch this :) Here a small trailer:


We did it again ... London is our city! :) 
Camden Town
Yeaah ok ... Well, what have we done? The first day we arrived we went to camden town visiting the camden market. Hugh! It is hugh! Just to explain: Camden market is a market (oh really?!) full of stalls of everything. There is nothing you can't buy. And most of the things are very special handmade. Luiza said it was her favourite place in London that means it is extraordinary!

The next stop has been the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. So cool and SO crowded! The queue to enter the area was gigantic. Anyway, we had such fun and it was worthy :) 

Oxford Street
After the Wonderland, we went to Oxford Street and Regent Street. The christmas lights are awesome! Everywhere you look is flashing, sparkling, fake snow ... three words: Crazy but beautiful! I loved it. And it was really buzzy, ok more busy than buzzy .. All the people are doing their christmas shopping in this time, it is not easy to pass properly. But we survived. We also entered the M&M's world and walked through the Picadilly Circus. 
Then it was already dark and we watched the best show ever: the one and only WAR HORSE (german title: die Gefährten). It is about a boy and his horse called Joey. And someday the horse has to go to the 1. world war, of course the owner is totally sad and then he made the decision going to war as well ... and yes ... very emotional. The most fab of that all is that the horses are not real horses, they are just puppets made of wood. But their movements seems as they are alive. It is really well made! And the music ♥ Come on everybody; watch War Horse, you'll love it! 

That was the last thing we did on this day, we went to our hostel and slept :) 

The next day, we woke up around 8 o'clock, having breakfast and went off to the Themse for doing a tiny boat tour. However, it was nice and we saw the Big Ben, the London Eye, the Millenium brigde and our final destination the wonderful Tower Bridge. Honestly, I didn't expect the Bridge is that cool! We crossed the Bridge and took a walk down the Themse. It was lovely, the sun was shining and everyone was happy :) 

Then we watched another show: Mathew Bournes Swan Lake (the ballet): I definitly enjoyed and the swans have been so hot! They are not as normal as in the "normal" Swan Lake where the swans are normally women (Oh gosh, so many 'normal's). Every single swan have been a man and yeah, the story is the same but it is presented in a different way. 
We met Maria at the show, because she haven't spend the first day with us, she just came on sunday. So, our next destination was ... actually we didn't have one, so we went to Oxford Street again and after we left London. All in all: We had a brilliant time :-) 

My college rehearsed a musical called RENT. Maybe you know the film or anything ... Anyway, I was amazed how good it was. The characters voices were beautiful! I've never seen a school performance this level, it was really really good! The song Seasons of Love stucked in our heads still today. Yeah, we really enjoyed :) Here the music video of the film:

Christmas Dinner at Paul's House
Friends of my host parents invited us having a christmas dinner in their house. So nice! They showed us Christmas Cracker. It looks like a sweet, you and a friend pull on each ends of it and there is a big BANG: Then you can find a crown, a quiz and a little present. We had a very funny evening, I am pleased we've been invited. 

Sadly, everything wonderful has to come to an end. The international students (most of them, only the one we love actually) met in a pub called Harvester in Christchuch Tuckton Brigde and spend the last weekend together everybody had time. I thought there will be just Bella, Corinna, Luiza, Maria and me, but everybody came but Andy and 3 girls. We had such a good evening and had a lots of fun. Most of them won't be in college after christmas, so thank you guys for an unforgettable time. You made my exchange very special and I love you ♥ We'll see us some day again, I promise you! :-) 

Best Friends 4ever ♥

The last weekend in England and our host parents are in London ... So, what can we do? :D Let's go to Brighton! Uhuuul, it was rainy as shit but uhuuul :D Unfortunately it literally rained as there have been waterfalls fallen out of the sky. I don't know what happened, the whole week was quite nice and than it was terrible :D Anyway, we made the best of it and we went down the beach to the pier. After we met a friend of Bella's mum and she showed us the north laines. I bought Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone ! Actually I don't read at all, but I had a try and I like it. I wasn't expecting this, I am proud of myself :)

Traditional English: Pantomime. It is fun. 
I had my last day at college in this term, but I only had the first lesson that was finally cancled. So, I went together with Luiza and her Performance Studies Class to Southampton having a tour in the Mayflower Theatre and after we watched a traditional english pantomime: Robinson Crusoe. I hadn't a clue what an english pantomime might be and I was surprised. I don't really know how to explain, but it is like a "normal" theatre piece where the audience is included. For example, Robinson said: When I say 'Hi Kids' you say 'Hi Crusoe'. The audience played with them! I was so entertained :D The audience is mainly built of children anyway it is funny for everybody! After the show we had the opportunity to talk to the four main chracters, it was interesting, because it was like an interview.

Flying Home for Christmas
Saying goodbye is horrible. As Luiza is not going back to england after Christmas, our last day was Friday. I was not ready to say good bye, because the time we spend together made us very close such as sisters. I mean we have been together all the time: In college, at home, every single trip ... I already miss her and the insecureness of not knowing when we meet again is breaking my heart. However, we'll see each other again someday, I know it :) ♥ Sister

Our Christmastree
I think I don't have something else to tell about. Please feel free to write comments or anything :) 

I wish everybody a wonderful christmas time full of joy and happiness, may your dreams come true! Enjoy lots. And of course a fab new year :-)
Laurena xx

Ps: Sorry, but my phone was not able to do proper collages ... they weren't meant to be so strange, ok just some of them.